A little about this unique town.

Earliest recorded mentions of Wetherby come from the Doomsday book in 1086. The town has always been and remains an important staging point sitting exactly 200 miles equidistant on the A1 from Edinburgh, the Capital of Scotland and London, the Capital of England. As a result the town has a number of public houses along the road through the town.

 4 of our apartments are within what was once stabling for the horses that travelled the road. Dating from the 17th century the building has served travellers for over 300 years and if you look at the top side of the building you will see a tribute to the buildings past with cut outs to the wood of the tools used in looking after horses.

 The town has a very strong sense of pride. With no shortage of historic buildings all beautifully maintained you can spend a few hours wandering the streets, looking up and peering around corners wondering at the history that has gone before you for 1000 years. Winner of Britain in Bloom and Gold medallist in the European “Entente Florale” you won’t have a moment without a floral bloom in view in summer.

After taking in the fabric of the town take a look at the shops – you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of independents offering you products and service with pride. Independent fish mongers, butchers, sweet shops, toy shops, clothes shops offering traditional shop keeping.

Take some sandwiches from one of the local delicatessens and wander down to the natural beauty of the river, sit and watch it flow by and if you are feeling active start a walk from there into the countryside around the town. There are a number of walks you can enjoy (tip – head to the swimming pool and on reaching it you will see it opens up into sports fields from where you can walk next to river and sits on its banks).

Being central to them all, as well as being immediately next to the A1, Wetherby is the perfect base for exploring Leeds, York and Harrogate – all are within a 30 minute drive. The fortunate location of Wetherby means whether you are here for tourism or for business the convenience factor makes Wetherby the perfect base for you to explore or commute around this part of Yorkshire.